The REAL Top 10 List of Best Deer Hunting States

Published on August 18, 2015 by Alan Clemons

When it comes to discussing the best and worst states for deer hunting, don’t rely on anecdotes and coffee shop chatter when you can get the facts on deer and deer hunting in the United States!

From North to South, Dan Schmidt reveals the Top 10-plus deer hunting states and explains why they’re that strong in this epic episode of Deer Talk Now. Learn more about deer behavior, distribution and hunter success rates for the top states.

Is your state on the list? Do you think it should be?

Bonus: The Worst Deer Hunting States in America and the Top 3 Underrated States. Also, what is the dirty little secret in Texas? Add your deer hunting insights by clicking on the comment button below!

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Originally Aired April 15, 2015

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