How to Set Up a Ladder Stand Safely for Hunting

Published on August 18, 2015 by Alan Clemons

Hunting deer and other big game animals from elevated stands is nothing new, with Native Americans and pioneers utilizing bluffs, trees and other perches to see animals approaching.

It’s no secret ladder stands are popular. Today’s trend seems to be more roomy 2-man stands, which is what we’re discussing on this episode of Deer Talk Now. Dan Schmidt gives some super info about stands and how to erect them safely.

Watch as a two man ladder stand goes from the box to the woods in less than 5 minutes! (with the aid of time lapse video, of course). Schmidt also discusses today’s super-sized ladder stands for safer, more comfortable hunting, what to look for when shopping for the best tree stand for your deer hunting needs, and how to set up ladder stands.

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Originally Aired June 24, 2015

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