How to Condition Bucks to Visit Mock Scrapes

Published on August 17, 2015 by Alan Clemons

One of the coolest things you can do during deer season is make and maintain mock scrapes to get bucks in your area fired up or within your ethical range with a bow or gun. But how do you maintain those to be the best they can be without messing up the area? Better yet, how do you make a mock scrape that deer actually will visit and not turn up their noses?

Terry Rohm has been doing these things for many years and he joins Dan Schmidt on the latest episode of Deer Talk Now with his insights and answers. Rohm, who works with Tink’s Deer Lures, has hunted all over the country but is primarily at home in Georgia, where he lives, and the Southeast. He’s accustomed to hunting tough bucks in the woods, cagy old bruisers and having wary does not give an inch when they think something is amiss.

Schmidt answers questions from DTN viewers, each of whom win prize packs for their questions, and hits upon how to hunt early season during morning tree stand sits; how to age deer based on trail cam photos and what would cause a deer to be hairless, based on some wild reports of hairless deer that are circulating on social media.

Rohm joins Schmidt to discuss how to key on early season food preferences for whitetails, how to make mock scrapes that deer will visit, and how to keep those mock scrapes fresher for longer periods of time. He and Schmidt also will discuss the new Hot Shots curiosity lures from Tink’s as well as the new Tink’s Scrape Starter product that’s pretty cool.

Originally Aired September 17, 2014

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