Doe Hunting Strategies for the Early Season

Published on August 16, 2016 by Alan Clemons

Who’s ready to shoot some does during the early bowhunting season? Before you unleash an arrow, listen to the reasons why you should consider targeting does of specific age classes in this new episode of Deer Talk Now with Daniel Schmidt. Plus: Gordy Krahn takes a look at some new technology in the scent-elimination realm with Field Spray with Boost Activator from Lethal Products.

Deer Talk Now. Season 5, Episode 13. Original air date: Aug. 16, 2016. Doe Hunting Strategies for the Early Bowhunting Season


Keep Those Pesky Bugs Away!
GEAR Thermacell Scout Camp LanternThe latest in Thermacell’s campaign to rid your hunt of mosquitoes and other biting insects is the Scout Camp Lantern. This is yet another outstanding product from Thermacell to receive the full endorsement from the Deer & Deer Hunting crew. This lantern pulls double duty as a powerful mosquito repeller, utilizing Thermacell’s familiar mat-and-butane combo. It’s the same technology that made the portable Thermacell repellers such a hit. Expect 225 square feet of protection from mosquitoes, black flies and more. Get your gear here!

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