Bowhunting Shot Placement is a Game of Angles

Published on August 18, 2015 by Alan Clemons

When you’re deer hunting and have a big buck or doe within range, your best shot placement on the deer depends on the angle that deer is standing when you release the arrow.

Makes sense, right? A broadside or slightly quartering-away shot is what most bowhunters look for. A severe quartering-to or quartering-away is doable but only with the most precise shooting from a confident hunter and even then, maybe not. Those are tough, challenging and potentially wounding shots. And, of course, having a buck or doe right underneath your stand means you’re standing there begging it to take a few more steps without busting you.

Shooting deer with bows — stickbows, recurves, compounds and crossbows — involves angles, whether you’re in a treestand or on the ground stump-sitting or in a blind. Knowing those angles and thinking about the outcome of your shots makes a big difference in how you hunt.

In this episode of Deer Talk Now, host and bowhunting junkie Dan Schmidt explains how extreme angles require different aiming points if you want to put the deer down quickly. Schmidt lights up a big deer target with his Carbon Express arrows and Mathews bow to give you clear insights on what happens with these extreme shots.

Be sure to check out the show and Dan’s advice about your best shot angles for deer hunting.

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Originally Aired May 26, 2015

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