The Best Week to Hunt the 2016 Whitetail Rut Is …

Published on October 11, 2016 by Alan Clemons

Only have a few days of vacation time to spend on deer hunting this year? Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Charles Alsheimer reveals the best week (and the second best week) to hunt the rut in most areas of North America.

Alsheimer has been studying deer for more than four decades and compiling copious amounts of data to support his thoughts. This year’s rut predictions pertain to all areas north of the 35th latitude, a line that runs approximately from Charlotte, North Carolina, west to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

So whether you’re hunting in the Mid-Atlantic states in a hardwood mountain stand, out in the Midwest overlooking a picked ag field with blocks of trees, or out in the wide open and windy southwest with a gas pump rhythmically working nearby, you’ll have an idea of the best times to deer hunt this season.

This is the third of three videos with Alsheimer’s insights for 2016. The previous two videos are here and here, on our YouTube channel and also at

Detailed predictions also are included in the November issue of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, and also the 2016 Whitetail Calendar digital edition and new 2017 Whitetail Calendar.

Both of these calendars are packed with great information and, along with other super hunting gear, books, video and more, are available at

Deer Talk Now. Season 5, Episode 20. Original air date: Oct. 11, 2016. The Best Week to Hunt the 2016 Whitetail Rut Is …


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