Best Deer Hunting Tips: Practice Your Kill Shots

Published on October 2, 2015 by Alan Clemons

Deer hunters are great at practicing with their guns or bow and arrows to establish form and confidence. But you also should be practicing your kill shots from stands, ground blinds and unusual positions with your hunting clothing on to be confident in those situations.

In this episode of Hunt ’em Big, host and veteran bowhunter Steve Bartylla explains some of his best hunting tips for building confidence with your bow before you get into the woods. His top piece of advice? Practice!


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Easton Axis carbon arrows provide bowhunters with numerous advantages thanks to decades of serious experience in the field and in the design labs. Axis carbon arrows are a favorite choice for serious bowhunters looking for deep-penetrating big game performance. Axis carbon arrows deliver the extreme penetration of micro-diameter carbon, while Hidden Insert Technology aligns broadheads for tighter groups. Our straightness measurements are actual, and surpass, with a far more stringent straightness requirement, ATA/ASTM industry standard. We measure straightness based on the full length of the shaft, minus two inches, which makes Easton arrows the most accurate in the industry. What we say is what you get — and better.


Millennium 18foot Ladder Stand

Millennium’s L200 Double Ladder Stand is ideal to share a day in the woods with your family and friends. With a 500-pound capacity, it is perfect for introducing a young hunting partner to the outdoors. The L200 is fully equipped with ComfortTech seats, adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests. If you’re hunting solo, the ample size will give you plenty of room for your backpack or other accessories. Hunt safely by using a safety harness and lifeline with your stand.


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Rage Broadheads’ new X-Treme Crossbow broadhead offers a bone-crushing 2.3-inch entry wound with instant deployment of its razor-sharp blades upon contact. This means you’ll get harder-hitting penetration along with mind-boggling blood trails for easier tracking. Available in 100-grain two-blade style with a larger entry tip, the X-Treme Crossbow broadhead will help you put more deer on the ground this season.


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Reconyx WR6 UltraFire White Flash  You’ll find a host of features in the Reconyx WR6 UltraFire White Flash game camera, including Micro HDMI and USB output connections that let you play back images and video with sound directly to a high definition televisions or transfer data to a computer. High sensitivity image sensors coupled with the latest generation high energy color LED Illuminators provide exceptionally clear color night time images, even at extended ranges of up to 60 feet. The camera has two dedicated camera lenses: one specifically designed to provide rich daytime images and the other to provide clear color night time photography. No moving parts means more reliability and totally silent operation in the field.


Redneck Blinds Sportsman Bale

Redneck Blinds offers a great variety of hunting blinds and products including the Sportsman Bale Blind, which is the perfect two-person ground blind for hunting, scouting, or photography. The Sportsman hay bale blind is strong, lightweight, easy to move and can be left outside all season under the harshest conditions. The strong metal frame is built to withstand heavy snow loads and strong winds. A durable, hand-sewn natural cover can last approximately three years when left outside year-round. It is replaceable. The cover can easily be removed in just a few minute for off season storage that will more than double the life of your cover. Replacement covers are available.


Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold Contain your odors when you’re pursuing big bucks with Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold spray. It incorporates Hunt Dry technology for maximum performance after it dries, so you don’t have to hunt with wet clothing. It works wet and dry, and is scientifically formulated to last longer. Scent Killer Gold has a specialized blend of advanced odor-fighting ingredients, attacks a wide range of odors and at the same time, helps prevent new odors from forming.



Maximize Your Season Plans With the 2015 Whitetails Wall Calendar!

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From Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, the 2015 Whitetails Wall Calendar features the work of deer researchers Wayne Laroche and Charlie Alsheimer, who reveal the 2015 whitetail rut prediction, based on years of lunar cycle research. Utilize this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing, so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt.

The calendar features amazing whitetail deer photography, capturing deer in all the seasons and providing deer activity charts so you can plan your hunt. It’s not only the most useful calendar you’ll own, but quite possibly the ultimate gift for any deer hunter!

With the 2015 DDH Whitetails Wall Calendar you’ll learn:

  • When the seeking, chasing and tending phases of the rut will occur for North & South
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  • When to plan your vacation around the 2015 whitetail rut
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