Best Crossbow Hunting Tips and Tactics for Deer Hunters

Published on August 17, 2015 by Alan Clemons

If you love deer hunting and want another option in the woods, crossbows definitely are worthy of consideration to help you enjoy the season.

Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks with Deer & Deer Hunting discuss some of the best crossbow hunting tips and tactics on this episode of Deer Talk Now. They’re joined by Steve Flock with Mission Archery, and he gives some solid insights on affordable crossbows, hunting, accessories, the best crossbow broadheads, shooting tips and more.

Check out Deer Talk Now to hear this trio’s insights on crossbows and their capability, accuracy, the need for practice, effective range, efficiency, and why you still need woodsmanship skills, an ethical killing range and the need for safety at all times just as with a vertical bow or gun.

Crossbows are not “tools of the poacher” and will not decimate deer populations. They don’t. They have not in the states that have had decades of crossbow hunting, such as Arkansas and Ohio. Their white-tailed deer populations are strong and they produce great bucks every season. So the crossbow isn’t decimating anything in those states or others.

Tune in for an informative Deer Talk Now episode about crossbows for deer hunting.

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